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Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Despite being often overlooked at the early stage, hydraulic engineering plays an increasingly important role in a development application. Many development proposals, especially those involve more than one dwelling, are known for being refused by Councils due to non – compliance with the Council’s stormwater policies and controls.

Notes should be carefully taken when it comes to a low level property (i.e. land falls to the rear). While a range of different options are available for single dwellings, including charged system and absorption system, the disposal of stormwater to Council’s stormwater system for multi – dwellings, in most of the case, must be via an On – site Stormwater Detention (OSD) system and must be by gravity. This normally means that an easement through a downstream property or properties must be obtained.

Most of local Councils in Sydney have developed their own stormwater management policy as part of the Development Control Plan (DCP). Requirements and specifications for hydraulic/ stormwater designs vary broadly from Council to Council. Project owners, therefore, should carry out some research or consult Council before putting forward a development application.

With the introduction of General Housing Code (or “Codes SEPP”) and recently, Low – rise Medium Density Housing Code, the approval for complying developments including alterations/ additions, single dwelling, secondary dwelling (granny flat) and dual occupancies can be issued by a private certifier, bypassing the local Council. However, the stormwater design must still comply with the Council’s stormwater management policy, in order to be a “complying development”.

Since 2012, NITMA Consulting have delivered hydraulic engineering services to thousands of successful developments throughout Sydney. Our achievement, without doubt, is attributed to our engineers’ extensive experience working with all Councils in Sydney metropolitan area but most importantly, to our involvement in the planning and design of the projects right from the concept stage. So, have a project in your mind? Call us.