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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil design required for major subdivision projects includes earthworks, soil and water management and road construction plans. These plans essentially lay the foundation for the design of services including stormwater and hydraulic (water supply and sewer) system, telecommunication system, gas and electricity supplies. Civil works planning is therefore crucial for a project as it has great impacts on the installation cost of services to follow.

For smaller subdivisions, earthworks plan and road design may not be required. However, it still requires the design of stormwater system and access driveway incorporating infrastructure for future installation of water and sewer mains, telecommunication, gas and electricity supplies for each lot.

For residential projects involving a new parking facility e.g garage or carport, access driveway can sometimes be tricky due to excessive rise/ fall of the land. Australia standard AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 Parking Facilities: Off-street Car Parking sets out requirements for the layout and longitudinal grades. It must be followed during the design of the driveway to ensure the safety and comfort of the driveway users.

NITMA Consulting has delivered the design for civil works and actively contributed to the success of numerous residential developments and subdivisions. If you are about to start your next project, discuss with us about the scope of civil works as early as possible.