Civil, Hydraulic and Structural Engineering Sydney

About Us

Our Objectives

  • Exceeding clients’ expectations
  • Providing sustainable solutions
  • Ensuring professional integrity & competency

Our Principle

Works = Accuracy + Adequacy + Aesthetics

– Accuracy: What we design must be right.
– Adequacy: We don’t overkill.
– Aesthetics: We care about our contribution to the city’s skyline.

Our Team

Our professional engineers are fully qualified in Civil and Structural Engineering, with experience in diverse design and construction environments such as residential & commercial developments, urban infrastructure, road & bridge construction. We have a dedicated team of six engineers with the experience to deliver small to medium size projects in a timely and professional manner.

Quoc (Hugh) Nguyen, the director, is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) on the National Engineer Registry (NER). He holds a Ph.D degree in Engineering and has 13 years experience as a civil and structural engineer. Prior to becoming a consultant, he worked for local government in Victoria.

Hugh’s professional profile can be viewed here.

NiTmA Consulting – Civil, Hydraulic and Structural Engineering Specialists Sydney.
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